New Years Eve is over rated

Christmas is over so lighten up, you only have one more disappointment to live through before you can head back to work.

new years eve

Be honest, you didn’t have a good Christmas did you? The turkey was dry, there wasn’t anything good on TV because you have already illegally downloaded anything worth watching from the interwebs And grandma fell asleep on the sofa after one too many brandies and kept farting out a strange alcoholic turkey smell across the lounge room. Lighten up, you only have one more disappointment to live through before you can head back to work.

New Years Eve is the most over-rated night of the year. People spend weeks planning what they are going to do on New Years Eve but in the end it always works out the same… Everybody gets really drunk, watches some fireworks and goes to bed disappointed that this year wasn’t the New Years Eve they will remember forever.

If you are suffering a concussion and therefore not thinking straight, you can head out to the big New Year celebrations in your city. You cant drive because all of the roads are closed and there is no parking so you need to take public transport. Once you get there, you spend hours waiting before watching a 5 minute firework display costing the entire GDP of a small African country. The second that everything ends, everybody wants to leave straight away and go home to bed, so that means 50,000 people all trying to cram onto the same 3 buses which the Government are kind enough to provide for free. I don’t know about you, but I would rather pay 10 times the regular price for a bus ticket if it meant that I didn’t have to stand with my face in the sweaty armpit hair of a 70 year old woman.

You could go for the quieter option, maybe head out to your favourite restaurant and pay 3 times the price for their New Year special consisting of a regular meal with a free glass of cheap champagne with a crusty strawberry floating in it.

I think that the idea of the big New Year comes from shitty romantic comedy movies such as New Years Eve for exampleThey lead us to believe that something magical is going to happen at the stroke of midnight. Everything will go wrong, you will run around some crazy situations, but at midnight, all of the stars align and everything will be perfect. Lets be honest though, unless you win the lottery at 12 or the random person you grab and kiss turns out to become the love of your life, chances are that the next 60 seconds of your life will be exactly the same as the last.

That said, this year might be different and exciting though since we are heading into 2013. 13 is the unluckiest number in the world so surely that means that something decent is going to happen right? Nope, don’t get too worked up, everything will be exactly the same as it is now. For some reason, the number 13 has massive stigma attached to it as an unlucky number.Some people place a lot on their superstitious beliefs so don’t know what they are going to do this year? There will be 2 days which will be Friday 13 during 2013 so is the world just going to grind to a halt on these days as everybody decides to just stay in bed?

There is actually no logical reason why the number 13 considered so unlucky anyway. Yes, kids become teenagers at the age of 13, I know that can be bad for parents but I think that its more to do with the sequence of numbers than luck. There is also a superstition that if you have 13 letters in your name then you will have ‘devils luck‘. I have 13 letters in my full name… Well actually I don’t… But I do if I use my shortened first name and full middle and surname. Shit.

If you are born on the 13th of the month or God forbid, a Friday 13th, are you supposed to spend your life living in a cave? Do these people need to spend their entire lives avoiding ladders, black cats and gypsies?

My advice for New Year is not to take it too seriously. Chances are that you will have a much better time if you don’t spend any time thinking about it or planning anything. Just wake up on the 31 December, spend the day at home relaxing and spend the night with your loved ones whilst avoiding crowds, overpriced food and overpriced hotel rooms. After midnight, you can walk to bed and sleep peacefully safe in the knowledge that there will be no embarrassing Facebook photos for you to delete in the morning.

As for my New Year resolution… It is to come up with a New Years resolution.

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