Prepare for the end of the world

Prepare for the end of the world? If we are all going to die anyway I would rather spend my remaining time looking at free porn on the internet.

end of the world

The world is abuzz about our own impending doom. As I am writing this blog post there are approximately 2 hours left until the world implodes or explodes or whatever it is supposed to do. I say that because I’m not actually sure what is supposed to happen, but apparently its going to be big and covered in fire.As I look out of my window, people are going about their everyday business and it doesn’t look like too many people are that bothered about going up in a big ball of flames, and why would they be?

My knowledge of Mayan culture consists of knowing that they didn’t wear much clothing and they had some uncanny ability to predict the end of the world. I’m not sure why people have got themselves so worked up over this. The Mayan calender stops on the 21 December 2012… Big deal! Going by that logic, future people going to claim that Microsoft predicted the end of the world because in Publisher I’m pretty sure that you can only create a calender until the end of December 2099.

I’ve recently found myself watching a documentary style show on TV called Doomsday Preppers. Its a fascinating look at groups of people across the world that are taking steps to prepare themselves for the end of the world. Some predict another ice age, some predict a nuclear war whilst others surely fear the mass panic that is going to erupt when Time Magazine names Justin Bieber their man of the year.

These people literally spend their entire lives getting ready to fight and survive in a post-apocalyptic setting. What is the point? Instead of spending what precious time they have on this earth having fun, they spend it planning and preparing themselves for something that could, but probably won’t, happen. Call me crazy, but I don’t find that to be a very appealing way to live. I would much rather sit here and spend my free time looking at free porn on the internet.

This was the worst apocalypse ever

These preppers mock sensible people like you and me for not doing anything to get ready for the impending doom but lets be honest. If something does happen and by some miracle these people live through the initial catastrophe, they will probably survive for about a month longer than the rest of us before succumbing to disease, starvation or being shot by someone.

Back to our current situation and from what I’ve seen and heard so far, I think that there would be more of an outcry if Facebook was going to shut down for a week. This end of the world thing is purely hippies and media hype.

Sorry for the short and poorly constructed post but if for some reason the world does end tonight, I’m going to use my last few hours on this earth to turn of the Google Safesearch settings and have some fun.

See you tomorrow.

Update… Surprisingly, we didn’t all die!

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