What is NASA thinking with their new Buzz Lightyear spacesuit

I know that the American Space Program has less money than Greece these days but I'm not sure that using Disney's Toy Story toys as inspiration is going to give them the leg up they need to stick it to the Chinese.

nasa spaceman

I understand the need for occupational health and safety. Somewhere in the world at this exact moment in time there is a 15 year old work experience kid about to choke himself with a shredder and a stripper about to get a cola bottle stuck in her va-jayjay.

The occupational health and safety loonies are getting carried away though, everybody has to wear a florescent jacket these days. You only have to take a drive down the street to see the fluro army out in force; whether driving a truck, carrying boxes, or admiring a hole at the side of the road with the other council wombles.

It seems that the only way you are safe from the influx of fluro is to leave the planet. That was until now, as NASA has just unveiled its Z-1 Prototype spacesuit modeled on everybody’s favorite spaceman, Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, including fluorescent trim.

NASA Z-1 Prototype Buzz Lightyear spacesuit
Ill admit that I am a massive space nerd, so you can imagine that i got a semi-space probe when i heard that NASA had created a new suit modeled on Buzz Lightyear. Before I go any further I feel the need to clear up that I’m the cool kind of space nerd. In fact, I would say I’m the second coolest space nerd after Bowbak Ferdowski, that guy who works for NASA who creates a new haircut for each mission and became an internet celebrity for 3 minutes during the Mars Rover landing.
NASA scientist Bowbak Ferdowski creates new haircut for every mission

Back to the spacesuit, the second thing that I noticed after the green, was the fact that the spacesuit seems to give the wearer an instant cameltoe. I’m not even joking, take a look at the photo above and you can see it clear as day. Now I’m sure that NASA have spent millions of dollars on this technology and with the current state of the American Space Program, Mr Obama is keen to recoup a couple of bucks. Whatever NASA have invented to create this look, I suggest that they start a business marketing it as underwear inserts to cross-dressers because i imagine that it would be a big seller.

I actually like the space suit. Despite the fluorescent trim and instant mangina, I think that it looks great. Of course, its got lots of boring technical stuff on it like PLSS and urethane-coated nylon, that you can read about here, and im sure that it is more uncomfortable for the astronaut to wear than a gypsy wedding dress.

I know that the American Space Program has less money than Greece these days but I’m not sure that using Disney’s Toy Story toys as inspiration is going to give them the leg up they need to stick it to the Chinese… At least not until the boffins at NASA figure out how to make the wings flick out.

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