Current affairs shows are the worst example of TV journalism

With 2 commercial TV networks both airing their current affairs shows at the same time of night. It leaves me feeling like a fly in a garden trying to chose which pile of shit I should devote the next 30 minutes of my life to.

a current affair
I normally decide on neither, but very occasionally I switch off the intellectual part of my brain and suffer through an episode of the cesspit of journalism that is ‘Today Tonight’ or ‘A Current Affair’. [IDIOT]

Watching current affairs shows and just thinking about how many stupid people are being sucked into believing everything that they are seeing, is more depressing than listening to Pink Floyd on the wrong side of a drug high. [UNBELIEVABLE]

I’m not actually sure that you need a formal qualification in journalism to land a job on one of these shows. They definitely do not provide anything even remotely fair and unbiased in their sensationalist bullshit stories. They ask questions and then cut people off before they are given a chance to answer, often in the form, of a giant [RUBBER STAMP] which they slap across the screen. Plus, I once heard one of them actually call somebody ‘a molesterer‘ on national TV which I’m pretty sure isn’t even a real word.

The fear mongering stories generally involve some aspect of a dodgy ethnic tradie who had recently lost his licence for drink driving and hasn’t finished an old woman’s toilet meaning that her disabled child has to stand in the shower and piss down the plughole. Or maybe a bearded tree hugger yelling at his equally bearded dole-bludging neighbour ;about which fad weight-loss plan works best for illegal immigrants who want to scam the tax department. [DESPAIR]
Worse than these stories, are the stories that try to tug on your heartstrings. Every now and again, there is something about a father dying from cancer and the mother is too poor to look after her kids on her own. I’m sure that there are thousands of families around the country going through the same thing. Where is their support? What makes this one family so special above the others? Why not do a decent story to raise support for a charity or organisation that supports large groups of people in similar situations. [UNFAIR]After watching a story, they cut back to the presenter in the studio, who always has an insightful comment to add such as “terrible isn’t it“, “just unbelievable“, or my personal favourite “how do they get away with it“. Its funny you should ask that Tracy, because I often find myself asking the same about your show. They then normally try to smoothly segue one topic into another completely unrelated one[SHOCKING]

The worst, most soul sucking part of these shows though, isn’t anything to do with the crap that spouts from the mouths of the presenters, or even the sorry excuse for stories that they show. The worst part is the chequebook journalism, where they pay criminals and their family members for their stories. If a mother gets paid for her story about how her selfish moron of a son got drunk and crashed his car into a bus-stop full of children, it should be law that they cannot keep it and instead the money goes to the grieving families. [SHAMEFUL]
When current affairs shows aren’t manipulating you into believing things that generally aren’t true, they are trying to subtly sell you something though paid advertising for a company or product. These paid advertisements are never declared to the viewer in the form of a disclaimer or anything. Instead, they spin it into a news item with some crap about how it has changed somebody’s life for the better, in the hope that the clueless viewer will rush out and buy it. [DISBELIEF]
If you want a decent current affairs show, wait until Sunday and watch 60 Minutes. The only disappointing part is that 60 Minutes doesn’t get bogans to give witness statements.
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