Why I hate Pitbull and how he has ruined music

My favourite part of a Pitbull song is the start, because that's the part where I change the radio station.

I  just watched the YouTube video of Pitbull and Kesha’s new song “Timber” in the hope that it showed a tree falling on both of them. Unfortunately for those of us with musical taste, it didn’t.

We are in the midst of a worldwide problem of Mr Worldwide and there is no solution that I can think of to cure it, other than taking to him with a blunt object. Society frowns on doing things like that so I wouldn’t dare recommend it.

Instead, I’m just going tell you why Pitbull is the worst thing to happen to music since the Village people donned their favourite sparkling party outfits and pranced around singing songs about the Navy.

How Pitbull has ruined music

First of all, I want to give Pitbull the recognition that he deserves. I honestly think that he deserves some kind of award for single handedly ruining commercial music, club music, radio playlists, fashion, facial hair, baldness, smiles and sunglasses all at the same time.

He has achieved all of this whilst also having 59 of the shittest nicknames possible, each of which he reels off one at a time before every one of his songs… Mr 305, Mr Worldwide, Dale… Make up your mind. All of the best nicknames are fitting to the person they describe, so how about just settling on ‘douchebag‘?

Why I Hate Pitbull

pitbull-looks-like-mole-ratI’m not sure that it is possible to put into words how much I hate Pitbull and the audio vomit he passes off as music. When I used to host a breakfast show on the radio I actually nicknamed one of our newsreaders Pitbull because he looked a little bit like him. This was brilliant because every time he was reading the news, it gave me the opportunity to hurl abuse at him.

I know in radio you are not supposed to bag on the artists, but Pitbull is so terrible that I honestly didn’t give a shit. I felt that talking badly about the garbage that he passes off as music was more than worth being called into the bosses office for!

As if his music and complete disregard for coming up with something original isn’t bad enough, I can’t stand the way Pitbull looks. I know its childish to call somebody out about how they look but in the case of Pitbull I really don’t care; I hate his cheesy grin, I hate his bald slaphead, 14 year old boys can grow better facial hair, I hate those ridiculous sunglasses and his suit looks like it was stolen from a Cabbage Patch Doll.

It never ceases to amaze me that in every one of his songs he brags about his sexual prowess and engaging in explicit sex acts with groups of beautiful women, despite the fact that he looks like Mole-Rat from Kim Possible. He is like that guy we all grew up with that talked about sex all the time but no girl actually wanted to go near.

How to make a Pitbull song

To make a Pitbull song, listen to a lot of music and study it closely music, then ignore all of that. Find a popular song from the club world, get drunk, and spit out the first load of bullshit that comes into your mind. Rinse. Repeat.

Every song he is in has the same tempo, the same rhythm, the same flow, probably even the same lyrics.

All he does stop the song to do a shitty unoriginal rap about shorty getting low in the club and then when he’s done the song resumes again. How is he even able to write this down on paper and think “ohhh dayyyymm, this shit whack… panties gon be hittin tha floor”.

Unfortunately, throughout my years on the radio and DJing I have been unable to avoid hearing an awful lot of the garbage that Pitbull passes off as music. After allowing my eardrums to be raped on a regular basis, I couldn’t help but notice that, in the couple of bits of English I could make out, all he seems to talk about is how great he is, how much money he has and how many “bitches” he has.

In fact, his poor grasp of the English language and rapping skills is probably the reason that he spends the first minute of every track rattling off every single one of his nicknames. Its simply to fill time.

His piss poor attempt at rapping consists of saying random words in English before rhyming words with the same words such as ‘Kodak’ with ‘Kodak’, or ‘everywhere’ with ‘everywhere’ and ‘everywhere’. When rhyming the same words with each other becomes too difficult for his simpleton bald head to manage, he mumbles some crap in Spanish. Even Soldja Boy sounds like a lyrical genius compared to Pitbull.

I feel like it is offensive to real rappers to refer to Pitbull as a rapper so from here on out I will refer to him as a wrapper instead because he has about as much lyrical integrity as a piece of soggy, shit soaked toilet paper.

Why is Pitbull so popular?

Pitbull-MemeBut I hear you asking “If Pitbull is so bad, then why are his songs so popular?” The answer to that is easy, it is because they have already been popular before. The music behind every single one of his songs has come from something else in the past, every one a club hit.

At least he spreads the hate around though, sometimes Pitbull chooses to ruin old songs such has ‘Destination Unknown’ by Crystal Waters, or the amazing ‘Push the Feeling on’ by The Nightcrawlers. Whilst other times he chooses to ruin a newer club hits such as ‘Funky Vodka’ by TJR.

I understand that people sample music from others all the time but Pitbull takes it to the extreme. The worst thing about it is that so many people don’t know that he takes his music from elsewhere, instead they think that he is the greatest musician who has ever lived. That’s like comparing the person who slaps together the latest “Now Thats What I Call Music” compilation to The Rolling Stones.

Often whilst DJing I have played the original of a track that Pitbull has later ruined and people have actually come up to me and tell me to play the original… The Pitbull version. It makes me want to stab them in the ears with a fork because they obviously have no use for them.

To conclude

To sum up:
  • Pitbull “raps” over other peoples music and claims it as his own song
  • Pitbull hardly ever says anything that makes any sense
  • When Pitbull does try to rap he has a tendency to rhyme words with the same word
  • When rhyming words with the same word gets too hard, he mumbles shit in Spanish
  • Pitbull looks like Mole Rat in a Cabbage Patch Doll suit

Because of this, from now on I’m going to refer to him as Shitbull.

Pitbull’s World Cup song

This is an update to the original post. Pitbull has now written, co-produced and sang the official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Unsurprisingly, it is shit. I’ve analysed it over here.

I'm an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


  1. If people didn’t buy this idiots music or go see him live, he wouldn’t exist. People have no respect for music as an art form and support this garbage, which make them much worse than him.

  2. He’s been recently stealing his own people’s music. It happened before with El Taxi and it happened again last night on a latin american music show. He made the actual singer and composer of the song sing in the back while he and Yandell were performing as if it was their song. That was so shameless of him. I’ve always hated his music but thought he was a genuine good guy but never again. He’s discriminating on Cubans and that makes my blood boil because cuban musicians have been discriminated by their own here in the US for many years.

  3. Pitbull is great!!! You know nothing about good rap music!!!!! Let me guess, you like 2 Chainz!

  4. Pitbull is muy bueno! If you don’t like him, don’t liste. It’s that simple. This post is worthless. Oh, and Mr. Ex-DJ!!!!!!!! I PUT AMAZING EFFORT INTO MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh yes PitBULL is BULLshit!!! Every line sounds to me like: “Oh yeah Now I´m rappin too and I´m a big star now Ole Espania!”

  6. Um, isn’t that the whole idea, I mean – having samples from old songs? I thought he collaborated with artists, say daft punk or something (disclaimer: I’ve actually heard maybe 2 or three songs of him my whole life, but I recognised the beats).

  7. I think this should be on BBC news but then again, they chat just as much shit as Pitbull does..

    Glad someone else thinks he’s a waste of space.

  8. People say then don’t listen and turn him off
    How can we do that when they keep playing his shitty
    Music all the time. Now I have to change the station because of his dumb ass. When I first heard this bald eagle and saw that the music industry was gonna milk him as much as possible. I predicted 4 years till he’s gone for good. We gotta another 2 more years of this pit bull crap.

    And yes I’m hater …. so I can say what I want about him on this page
    If you love him …then go on a pit bull I love you page
    Stop trying to defend him like you know this guy…
    I mean this puppet.

  9. just admit that you are ugly and will never get gilrs like he does. probably why you only got a radio show too

  10. One artist that makes music that YOU don’t like cannot “ruin music”.
    You just don’t like him – hundreds of thousands of others love him, so whatever. Life goes on.

  11. First off let me say thank you. THANK YOU for confirming my thoughts. Ever since I first saw a pitbull music video int he gym a few years back I have wondered who the hell is this absolute wally singing this absolute drivel. SERIOUSLY. Every since, during my life, I’ve randomly wondered. How is this guy where he is, songs terrible, rapping terrible. Looks like a mole rat. I dont get it, Every time I see him dancing around rapping on the TV my brain fries because i cant work it out. Thanks for finally confirming Im not the only one who thinks like this about this idiot. Made my day.

  12. I never understood why music of any genre needs rap interludes. What does a song about falling like a tree have to do with a guy that is bragging about himself at the beginning and in the middle? In what warped minds is this a welcome addition to music? These rap interludes and people like this guy need to go the way of hip hop, as a failed genre.

  13. Honestly I think he has brought something new in combining artists, where no longer in time of boy bands. If you hate pitbull so much then dont listen to him period, but why you have to ruin it for everyone else. To take time to make this article just shows you are a little obsessed with him despite the fact you hate him. If you can do a better job in music then him then go do it, if you think he has ruined thing then go fix them. Waste your time on that then writing this crap


  14. I am a young-ish Cuban guy, & I agree with everything you’ve said. Shitbull is a disgrace to the Cuban-American community. I couldn’t be more disgusted with his terrible music. I don’t care what he looks like etc, or if he is a nice person. I’m only judging him by “his” shitty “music”.

  15. […] So my first place was to see what the masses who hate Pitbull have to say about him. This led me to a site called irktitated.com. This site seems to be a little bit of everything from rants, satire, comedy, etc… The first part of the article amazed me when the headline said the following “My favorite part of a Pitbull song is the start, because that’s the part where I change the radio station.” So you can imagine my giddiness, but mostly it is just a huge rant into why he despises Pitbull. He even goes onto to tell the readers how he thinks Pitbull makes his tracks. He did make an interesting point that most of Pitbull’s famous song barely have Pitbull on them. To find a song where he was not listed with someone else, you do have to go to his lesser known hits, but even then he has someone singing the chorus while he just raps. (http://www.irkitated.com/2013/01/i-hate-pitbull.html) […]

  16. I’ve been asking myself why Pitbull is so popular every since I watched him on TV doing a New Year’s Eve performance and all he did was move his hand and head back and forth and growl the same words over and over. NOT ENTERTAINING. He showed no talent, no stage presence, no anything. So, I just heard a song on the radio and finally caved. I googled “Why is Pitbull popular?” and found this article. I also found out that nobody is quite sure why he’s popular, but they all agree he’s an idiot.

  17. Not that I didn’t find your comments about him funny and spot on, you lose all credibility when you tried to say that other rap is good.

    Also, the Village People rule.

  18. Beautifully stated. Pitbull sucks. I do like hearing that weird shout out he does, I think for at least two songs if not all, that comes out as “Missah WerrWhyyyy…” Can’t stand this clown. However, for some mystifying reason, he’s considered ‘exercise’ music — so, working at a fitness club, I’m forced to hear his crap multiple times a day. Pause almost sent me to prison…

  19. Not sure who’s balls Pitbull is licking to get all the airplay but having to hear the most annoying wannabe rapper in the world every second song on the radio is as bad as a slowly pulling out my nose hair. He should be placed in his own genre called music raping. Nobody can rape a song like this fool.

  20. Don’t you know, what is popular, what is played on the radio, and what make money, equals good music?Wink.

  21. as I pick myself up off the floor…thank you. I got up this morning and googled “why would anyone call themselves pitbull? To my dismay, no hits about the actual Pitbull…then, in a spark of brilliance, I changed the search to “why is pitbull” such an such an asshole?” Bingo…your blog. Thank you….I keep reading the conclusion – thank you…truly have not laughed this hard in years…very therapeutic,

  22. I need to know if you have any plans to kick his little bald head in anytime soon. As I would be more than happy to give you fuel money or maybe even give you a lift. Let me know!!


    Someone whom plays various instruments and know what the fuck he’s talking about.

  23. HOW DARE YOU IDIOT!!!!! PITBULL is the BEST SINGER/RAPPER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is COOL, GOOD LOOKING(beautiful), AMAZING, CHARMING. TALANTED, HARD WORKER!!!!!!!!!! You think your cool writing these lies about him. So, guess what, you aren’t. I can prove you’re wrong, because you are wrong. You are pathetic or you are just jealous, because you can’t achieve what he can. He really started from the bottom and now he is the best now, he is perfect and you aren’t(this article proves it). PITBULL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO, whatever bad thing(lie) you say about him, I can prove you’re wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What are you, 6 years old? Does your mummy know that you are using the internet?!

      You should spend less time reading articles about Pitbull online, and more time doing your homework because what you’ve written above is truly horrific!

      • First: if I was 6 I wouldn’t have homework
        Second: I’m 16 and I really do have homework
        Third: Shut your mouth, because you make yourself look like an idiot (sorry you don’t look like an idiot, you are an idiot)
        Last: PITBULL is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        P.S: Take off the Iron Man costume, you don’t deserve it (Pitbull does)

        • It’s obvious that you aren’t 6 year’s old, I was just making a point about your intelligent, well-rounded, and strongly constructed writing style. The scariest thing about everything you’ve just said is that you’re actually 16… you really should put more effort into your homework.

          • I put enough effort into my homework and I actually do have very good grades and I don’t really understand how that is scary- explain it to me but this time try something real because the way you’ve described the best rapper/singer/person in the world (aka Pitbull) is stupid and full of lies. Do your best to explain it (like the most intelligent person in the world has said “Always do your best and you will never have regrets”) oooh almost forgot, Iron man costume – off – YOU DON’T DESERVE IT!!! and don’t try to make smart comments it doesn’t fit with your intelligence level CAPTCHA Code

  24. Pitbull is amazing and talented and his music is awesome. Havnt you ever herd one of his songs? Whenever they are played everyone luvs it cos his music is so great. Fuk off you are a peace of shit and your just jelus of him because he is so popular and sucesful and talented and you dont even hav a job you peace of shit.

    • Your comment deserves special attention. If you bothered to take some time out from your busy schedule of being an A-grade twat and actually read the post you’d see all the evidence that proves why Pitbull is in fact shit.

      Then again, I doubt you could read it because, as well as having hearing difficulties (you ARE a Pitbull fan), I can see you also struggle with the English language just like Pitbull does. For the record, it’s

      Believe me when I say that I’m as far from jealous of Pitbull, as your mum should have been from your dad on the night you were conceived.

      Oh, and I do have a job, a very good one in fact. I suggest that you go back to finishing your homework, that way maybe one day somebody will be stupid enough to give you a job too.

  25. The frustrating thing is that his music is still being played repeatedly on some of my now former radio stations. When I listen to and record music mixes with music varying from the 80’s, 90’s and the 21nd century, he always seems to pop up in them thus vastly increases my editing time to cut his bragging, mumbling and brain killing songs out.
    Remember, quality over quantity kids!

  26. THANK YOU!

    Given that I have a 14 year-old sister, I constantly have to go through the hardship of not deafening myself every time I get in the car and the radio’s set to one of those ‘top 20’ stations. I wish there was a radio station that didn’t play just the same shitty songs ad infinitum (one that’s not called my iPod).

    I also detest Ke$ha with a passion, so that “Timber” bit had me in stiches!

  27. Agreed. I fucking hate Pitbull. He is cocky, arrogant and nothing but a douchebag spending his entire life on sex, drugs and vices. He was even thrown out of his house at 16 for being a drug dealer. Seems like nothing changes even after all these years. Still one big douchebag.

    • Dude, I swear, all we wanted was JLO to sing her version of the “Lambada”, actually they first got in contact with Jennifer, then she mentioned Pitbull, she wanted to bring him along, they couldn’t say no to her. All we wanted was JLO, man… only JLO :'(

  28. lol well said! BUT i think the real truth is sadder than this…
    The real reason Shitbull is popular is because of…”swag” (ugh hate that term). Lets face it, one sure way to fame in entertainment media in this age (maybe even the past), is simple “feigned” confidence.

    Everybody wants to be “The cool, confident and witty guy”. This guy, THIS GUY, with no real musical talent or skill or true charisma, is mysteriously popular simply by being popular… Its a bit hard to explain but you get the point.

    Most young (10 to 25?) people want to be that, badly. The cool guy that through sheer confidence, makes it in entertainment. So they project their
    silly dreams on to him. Living vicariously through him.

    Its got nothing to do with music or talent or anything good.
    Now don’t get it wrong, feigned confidence or charisma is not as easy and simple as it sounds. It’s walking a careful razor’s edge that takes plenty of douchebaggery to pull off.

  29. i must concur. he moves like a dirty old man in those tacky miami vice suits he wears too! heaven help us all!

    • I always call him shitbulll. My 50 year old roomate thinks he’s hot and talented. I’m like DUDE ur old,and shitbull sux go 69 with each other.

  30. Too True! Cannot stand Pitbull, and I wish more people agreed. He should be stripped of any awards he has ever received

  31. “When Pitbull does try to rap he rhymes words with the same word”

    “When rhyming words with the same word gets too hard, he mumbles shit in Spanish”



    • Hahaha nice!! If anybody is wondering, the link above is a brilliant parody of a Pitbull music video clip.

    • unfortunately most people who actually like shitbull are too young to know the 80’s songs that he rips off to make his hits, therefore don’t understand that he is a talentless piece of rip off artist crap. That being said, I couldn’t agree with you more, hopefully more people will open their eyes and ears and stop supporting “sampling” of artist music by non-artists.

    • this is what i think when i find out he has a new song
      1. which pop star will be be featuing (only way he makes money)
      2. how bad his bit of the song is

  32. Exactly, I can’t watch new Jennifer and Christina videos because of Shitbull. His just yet another rich star with good connections and absolutely zero talent…and I hate his mouth, seriously why he sing like this => :/

  33. I wish more people would read this… people just have no idea how all the music is not his

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