Political correctness has gone too far

Warning: This post may be a bit controversial... If you are an overly sensitive idiot come back when you get a sense of humour.

political correctness

I understand the need for being careful about what we say. Just imagine how terrible the world would be if we could all walk around calling fat people fat, black people black or old people old. However, there is a point where it all gets a bit stupid and things have gone too far.

Political correctness has gone mad

If you call someone a ‘fireman’ or ‘policeman’ that is simply the long-standing name of the profession, not a derogatory term towards women who happen to be in the job. ‘Policeperson’ and ‘fireperson’ sound stupid anyway. Short people are not ‘vertically-challenged’, they are short. Terrorists are not ‘peace-challenged’, they are terrorist scum who terrorise others who want to live in peace.

When I was hosting breakfast radio, I had to be very careful about the the difference between what I was thinking and what I was saying. I became very good at filtering this to an extent. I still said and got away with a lot on the air but, if one single person put in one single complaint about something, no matter how trivial, the  broadcasting authorities that be demanded that it be followed up and dealt with seriously. Thankfully, most of the time, management had a bit of common sense when dealing with complaints.

I once had a complaint from a woman because I said ‘crap’ and her child happened to be in the car when I said it. Her suggestion to the Station Manager was that essentially I be fired, then hung up by my testicles and beheaded because she had to explain to her child what this word meant. I suggested to the station manager that he give me her phone number and let me give her a call to explain my thoughts on the issue, but apparently that was a silly idea.

Instead, I was banned from saying the word crap on the show, all because one single person out of tens of thousands had nothing better to do in her life than put in a complaint about something so trivial.

I understand how the use of some very offensive words might offend people, but the way things are going, half of the dictionary might as well be thrown into the bin. Sorry, separated into its component parts and put in the recycle bin… I don’t want to offend the enviro-mentalists either.

You cannot tell a joke about anybody who isn’t exactly like yourself in case somebody takes offence. You cannot joke about a different culture, or religion or heaven forbid that you make a joke about women. Despite the fact that some of the best jokes I have heard about women have been told to be by women, I am not allowed to repeat them through fear of being labelled a woman hater by a group of male-bashers.

The politically correct need to lighten up

I struggle to understand how people cannot see the difference between making a joke that is a little bit offensive for the sake of humour, and actually being a racist, homophobic, child abusing woman hater. Jokes are not meant as disrespect and they aren’t a summary of your moral standing on an issue. They are throw away lines that are intended to make people smile and nothing more.

It isn’t just words and jokes though. The political correctness train of absurdity extends to traditional events too. I live in Australia, a predominantly Christian country, where we cannot use the word “Christmas” in schools or send out Christmas cards from workplaces in case it offends somebody of another religion. Instead it is a ‘non-denominational celebration’, um no… Christmas is a celebration of Christmas, end of story.

If I moved to another country with a different culture, I would not kick up a fuss about them celebrating their culture or religious beliefs. Thats because I am a normal, sane person and I understand that people in their own country are entitled to their way of life without me interjecting.

I do not have a problem with other cultures and beliefs living in Australia. I am happy for them to live here and I am happy for them to celebrate whatever they want and live they way that they want, as long as they are not kicking babies, throwing old men into rivers or doing anything illegal I honestly couldn’t care less if the Chinese want to celebrate Chinese New Year and feed me delicious food. However  I also deserve the right to celebrate my own culture and beliefs in my own country without being labelled a racist Australian for celebrating events such as Christmas.

Get off your politically correct high horse

The problem is that there are morons out there who have nothing better to do in life than get up on their high horse to complain about how everyone is picking on them. We constantly have to watch what we say, how we say it, and who we say it to, for fear they it might, quite possible, in the slightest way, cause any kind of offence to anybody whatsoever.

Yesterday I made a comment on an article regarding the Associated Press banning use of words “husband,” “wife” for legally-wed gay couples in their articles.

I don’t want to get into a debate about gay marriage and I am not homophobic by any means. I have many gay friends including some who I am very close with. I once even let another man squeeze my bum during a drunken night out. In short, it doesn’t matter to me and I am not bothered about which orifice you choose to stick your man bits in your own time.

My question is, why should it even be an issue whether a journalist chooses to use the word “husband”, “wife” or “partners”? Surely it should be up to the person writing the article to use what they see fit. I am a straight guy and personally couldn’t care less if somebody wrote an article about straight marriage and used either “husband and wife” or “partners”.

An example of a politically correct moron

Anyway, I thought I would make a comment on the article about political correctness. Shock horror,  I managed to offend an over-sensitive idiot.

Political correctness

Now I didn’t sleep last night because I spent the entire night breaking down and studying my original comment over and over, looking for the words “shut up”, “minority”, and “stay in your place”. By the time the sun came up this morning I was unable to find them anywhere and now I am just grumpy from the lack of sleep.

Then I realized that, as per his reply, I had obviously written it in code… Silly me. I have therefore spent the entire morning trying to decipher the code I had written it in. As it turns out, that was too difficult, so I gave up. I am however, thinking of calling up the CIA for a job as a code writer because if this is a code, I think it is unbreakable.

The truth is that it isn’t code for anything at all… I was making a blanket statement about political correctness in general. My comment makes me no more a troll than yelling at my favorite football team via a TV screen makes me a football coach.

Political correctness is out of hand

Dickheads like this are the reason that political correctness has got out of hand. These overly sensitive, idiots will yell, scream and shout to draw attention to how unjustly they are being treated and how unfair life is. As soon as somebody says something, no matter how unrelated it is, they pick it to pieces and find issue with it. These people are especially prevalent on the internet.

They act like spoilt brats. They go around in life, pointing the finger and acting like they are morally superior to everybody else. They make things look like a far bigger issue than they actually are and this makes life hell for the rest of us. Grow the fuck up and find a real issue to fight such as poverty or the right for your hippy friends not to shower.

Nobody is picking on you and nobody is trying to single you out. Get off your high horse, get a life, lighten up and grow a sense of humor… who knows, you might even smile occasionally.


I’m an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


  1. mother of god. no im sorry i ment the spaghetti monster. i finally found someone whose not under the control of the P.C. brainwashing thats going on in this world. i mean seriusly. did anyone else see the rally at yale awile because a few teachers has sent out a email saying for the kids to be alittle less butt hurt about the costumes some of the other students might dress in.

  2. Oh dear, I’ve been the victim of that just a couple of hours ago. See, I dared use the word “slut” in a humorous way to describe a gay man who uses art as an excuse to have casual sex with different strangers every day and reports every single detail on his blog/journal/diary, whatever.
    Being a gay man myself I thought this would probably make some people laugh. It didn’t. Well actually, it did, but there happened to be a PC Policeofficer who estimated that “slut” was degrading to women, even though no woman was involved in this case.
    Therefore, years of activism as a women’s right defender vanished as the word “slut” escaped from my keyboard.

    What those eople don’t seem to realise is that their logic is based on segregation between social groups. Straight people are not allowed to talk (let alone joke about) gay people. White people are not allowed to talk (let alon joke about) black people and so forth. What kind of sad and twisted vision of society is this? Why should we divide our world between oppressors and oppressed?
    Why should be alienate ourselves from our allies and supporters by excluding them and calling them bigots?

    They are the ones who have a problem and should check their passive-aggressive attitude before venturing into endless PC wars. They are fighting the wrong enemies.

  3. I have found the fountain of uncommon sense!!!!
    This is a rare safe haven from delusional self conscious pricks!

  4. haha, attempts to be high and mighty and yet calls you a ‘clueless straight man’. If you are going to be overly PC, do it right.

  5. I heard a black person on the radio one day complaining about being called African American. He said something to the effect of, “I was born in the States, not in Africa, there isn’t anything African about me worth mentioning.” He was very funny about it though.

    People are too easily offended these days mostly due to their own dispositions and prejudices.

  6. I like the fact he first says you have a live-in girlfriend, but in the next breath says you dont have a spouse….

  7. I like the fact he first says you have a live-in girlfriend, but in the next breath says you dont have a spouse….

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