Too many stupid and pointless signs on the road

The worst part about the number of signs on the road, apart from how ugly they look, is that on the odd occasion when there is something important that a driver needs to read, they are likely to ignore it.

road signs

In general, drivers here in South Australia are pretty bad which means that every additional road sign is just another thing for grandma to crash in to whilst chugging along in the outside lane of the freeway, oblivious to the world.

There are the annoying ones that tell you to drive at a certain speed limit otherwise you will get an angry letter from the Police, or that you must slow down because there are children ahead and little Johnny might run out into the road chasing his ball. Then there are the plain stupid ones.

Stop with the pointless road signs

In Adelaide there is a main road that I drive down quite often which has a number of electronic signs. These display the speed limit and this can be changed should there be a need. I have never once seen this sign with a different speed limit on it, it is always 80kph. Directly below this sign is a regular road sign with the words “When the sign above is blank, the speed limit is 80kph”. Now, call me stupid but I fail to see the point of a sign telling me that there is a sign above with exactly the same information on it… It is a sign about a sign.

In England, the government pays $10,000 each for road signs with wind and solar panels which provide power to light up the sign. By law, these signs are required to have a sign next to them saying exactly the same thing for times when it is when it is dark and not windy. Its another sign about a sign.

I have even seen signs warning me about an upcoming sign about a sign. First you get a sign which tells you that a sign about a crossing is coming up, then a sign warning you about a crossing, then a sign at the crossing telling you that its there. You know… in case you cannot see the giant crossing in front of you.

Police are now targeting ‘inattentive driving’ by distracting you

Another recent addition to the number of pointless signs on South Australian roads are ones that say “Police are now Targeting” with a space below for them to put a subject. Sometimes its “Drink Driving”, sometimes its “Mobile Phone Use”, but my favourite is the one that says “Inattentive Driving”.

That means, in order to be educated into the fact that police are targeting inattentive driving, you are required to be inattentive and distracted by their stupid sign. Aside from the obvious hilarity given to these signs by vandals, what is the point of them? If I was driving at 20kph over the speed limit and using my mobile phone, a cop isn’t going to ignore me and keep eating his doughnut because they happen to be targeting inattentive driving that week and not speeding?

Stupid road signs

I do not see the point of “Keep Left” signs either. How stupid do they think people are? In Australia, we know that we drive on the left hand side of the road. In fact, learning what side of the road to drive on is a major part of the driving test so we don’t need a sign to remind us. If we are confused, a quick look around will reveal what side of the road everybody else is driving on. They place “Keep Left” signs in the stupidest place possible too, which means that the signs spend most of their time inches away from car wing mirrors which has caused every single one in Adelaide to it being whacked by some idiot distracted because they are deep in thought wondering what moron decided that the sign had to be placed there in the first place.

Stupid signWe even have giant red signs on the side of freeway off-ramps saying “WRONG WAY, GO BACK”. I think that if you are so oblivious to the world that you have somehow managed to get onto an off-ramp facing the wrong direction and haven’t seen the onslaught of cars coming straight at your windscreen at 110, then you are not going to notice the sign are you.

You know those signs that warn you about falling rocks? What are you supposed to do with that information? Despite the fact that you know that there is a tiny chance that rocks may fall, you are still going to drive on that road because its the only way to get to where you are going. regardless, if a rock does fall there isn’t too much you can do about it, except for stare death in the face as it hurtles towards your head.

Bridge height signs are pointless as well, because we all know that low bridges are a magnet for trucks to crash into them since no truck drivers seem to know the height of their vehicles.Why on earth do we need a sign telling us that there is “No Footpath” when the lack of there being an actual footpath is more than enough to tell you that there isn’t one there.

And why do we need signs warning us of elderly people in the area? Is it a warning that one may run at you waving its walking stick and yelling obscenities about the youth of today, or is it simply a warning to hold your breath so that you don’t inhale the old person smell?

Don’t even get me started on those huge light up information signs that they put at the side of the road. They have a range of colours that can be used for the text, but for some reason they always seem to use the blue which is impossible to focus on. This means that you cannot read unless you are a metre away so you spend such a long time staring at it, trying to read it and figure out that its warning you about roadworks ahead, that you plough straight into the back of the car in front.

Stop over informing us

The worst part about the number of signs on the road, apart from how ugly they look, is that on the odd occasion when there is something important that a driver needs to read, they are likely to ignore it. How about the authorities stop wasting money on pointless signs and instead, go back to what they are good at…. Doing nothing. At least that way they aren’t actively pissing people off.

I'm an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


  1. Well we should vote to make a change to the laws, so that if someone does something stupid, they are to blame, and cannot sue. Lol, who am I kidding, our government wouldn’t give us that much power. No way they would let us vote on something. No way we would get something we want. No way the ‘government for the people’ would listen to the people.

  2. The issue is legality. Without all of that signage, someone somewhere will do something incredibly stupid and push blame on councils, governments and road authorities for things that really shouldn’t be their fault.

    Negligence is a funny area of law

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  4. Mate you are so right. Its almost more dangerous to have the signs there than to not have the signs there! World gone mad!

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