I can’t stand trashy Kesha, she’s what is wrong with pop music

I can't stand Kesha; I hate the way she dresses, I hate the way she acts and I really hate the awful auto-tuned mess that she passes off as music.

In the latest abomination to happen to popular music, Pitbull has teamed up with Kesha and released ‘Timber’. I just watched the video clip of the song’ in the hope that it showed a tree falling on both of them… Unfortunately it didn’t.

Kesha’s fanbase consists of teenage girls who rebel by listening to her sing about drone on with autotune about binge drinking, fucking countless guys who she has just met on the street and just being a degenerate member of society and future crackwhore.

Now I know that she spells her name Ke$ha but I can never remember whether the $ is supposed to portray her swag or that she looks like a cheap hooker who charges money for sex. Either way, I’m sure that her parants €arl and £inda, are really ashamed of her.

Spelling her name correctly isn’t worth the finger stretching I would have to do on the keyboard to reach the shift and dollar keys every time I want to type it, so for the sake of this post she is Kesha.

I’m sure that Ke$sha’s parants €arl and £inda, are really ashamed of her.

Kesha looks like a trashy hooker

Kesha memeKesha is just another auto-tuned sellout in the pop music industry, however she deserves special attention for being the worst of the lot. Kesha is like Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, a sasquatch, Pitbull, Flo Rider, a trout and a hookers glittery mini-skirt, all blended into one giant abomination of a gutter tramp.

When I first saw Kesha I thought that some disgusting music executive had banged a prostitute but didn’t have the cash to pay for her time. Because of this unfortunate situation, in return for a night of awkward sex, the next morning he picked her up out of the pool of her own vomit that she passed out in and gave her a record deal.

She is exactly what is wrong with pop music these days; it isn’t about the music, it is about the image. For normal people, her image is that of a glitter-obsessed slut who lives in a dumpster. However, to 14 year old’s she has what they refer to as swag. If you want to know what swag is check this post.

She looks like she just raided the nearest garbage bin and threw on the first thing she comes across. She is a poor persons Lady Gaga. Sure, they both dress like idiots to get attention, but at least Gaga can back it up with decent music and actual talent.

Kesha’s music is shit

Aside from the way she chooses to look, the way she acts and her childlike obsession for wearing glitter, there are plenty of other music related reasons to jump on the Kesha hate bandwagon. For example, the overkill of autotune to cover up the fact that she can’t sing, her ridiculous lyrics and the fact that people actually call it music.

I haven’t actually heard much of her music because whenever a Kesha song comes on the radio, I turn it off immediately through fear of contracting an STD through the speakers. A quick Google search however, brings up the following evidence of Kesha’s lyrical genius;

Don’t stop, make it pop, DJ blow my speakers up. Tonight, imma fight, till we see the sunlight. Tik tok, on the clock, but the party don’t stop no, oh oh ah oh. Oh oh ah oh…
– Tik Tok

Stop talk talk talk talkin that blah, blah, blah. Think you’ll be getting this not, not, not, not in the back of my car, ar, ar. If you keep talkin that blah, blah, blah…
– Blah blah blah

Got a water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag, Got my drunk text on, I’ll regret it in the mornin’, But tonight, I don’t give a, I don’t give a, I don’t give a…- Take it off

Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug. Your love, your love, your love. I said your love, your love, your love is my drug, your love, your love, your love…- Your love is my drug

Not a good role model

Kesha lyrics

And finally I get to the point of this rant. As it turns out, Kesha is actually an intelligent person. She scored 1500 on her SAT’s which is apparently near genius, but then she dropped out of school to pursue her career as a poorly dressed, auto-tuned, dumpster tramp.

The worst thing about this is that Kesha is the kind of person who kids are looking up to as a role model.

She is sending them the message that it doesn’t matter if you  have been blessed with intelligence and the opportunity to make something of your life. Why not throw that all away, drop out of school, dress like a desperate slut, get drunk and take drugs at every available opportunity and generally just don’t give a fuck about anything.

Its alright for Kesha though, at least she has money and fame to fall back on… Its the impressionable kids who want to follow in her footsteps that we should all be worried about.


I'm an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


  1. An IQ of 140 my ass.

    I’ll give her this though, she was conniving enough to pay someone to go around in the Mass Media to spread a full fledged lie about her quote unquote “intelligence”.

    Other than that, she’s a telentless wench who needs the assistance of a machine to help her sing. She’s an ugly looking bag that looks like something that crawled out of some washed up hip-hop stars harem. And she won’t, nor can she write her own music.

    Kesha is a poop-stain on the history of music.

  2. If more people fucked more strangers instead of pointing fingers at people who do, the world might be a happier place. 🙂

    thats about all i have to say on this rant… the quality of music in the mainstream has been pisspoor for decades, regardless of the artists sexual habbits 😛

  3. You are such a hoot I love your blog!! I can’t believe I wasn’t following you before. And I totally agree with you! So happy I’m following you now 🙂 Xoxo

  4. She can sing actually. Don’t judge somebody from one song. Listen to her second album! She works really hard on her music. She actually writes her songs!!! That must be crazy to you, but it’s true. I haven’t met her, and I’m not a crazy fan of hers, but you really need to leave her alone.

  5. Please do your research before shit talking.
    First of all you mentioned she can’t sing here’s proof she can http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Wof32u1-Q and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tjl-0JNblo
    Second of all She removed the dollar sign from her name.
    She has pretty deep songs too search “Love Into The Light” or “Past Lives” or “sunday Morning” or “suicide a little sad” if you like rock and roll listen to “Dirty love Only wanna dance with you machine gun love or dancing with the devil if you like electro all that matters or out alive and you are judging how she dressed in like 2010 she has a different style

  6. I don’t think its good to view her as a roll model as I do agree her bacchanalian nature is not admirable; however, if you’re going to be shit-talking someone at least have the basic decency to brush up on your facts so that you don’t come off as an ignorant swine.

    I’m definetly not a big fan of hers but she actually can sing pretty well. Auto-tune can’t make someone with a wretched voice sound good, it just doesn’t work like that.

    So to make myself clear not only are you ignorant to her ability but you’re also ignorant to the workings of Antares Auto-Tune.

    Its really sad that for the supposed wonders of us homo sapiens that so many fail in sapience.

    • You say all this but it is directly a case of contradiction and hypocrisy. You say she’s talentless, but in the same breath contraindicate yourself by saying you can’t even listen to her and avoid all her music. How is that an informed decision?
      I’m not saying she’s extremely talented of the likes of Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, or even Adele; however, if you listen to any of her demo’s from her mid teens like Goodbye its very evident she can sing fairly well.
      Auto-tune doesn’t give you pleasing timbre, and it actually makes you sound all the worse if you’re more than about 3 semi-tones off.
      I’ve also intensly researched these things because I would like to be informed by multiple sourcss of reputability. I honestly prefer music that isn’t perfect in pitch, the faliablity of the voice makes it much more emotional for me

  7. BANG! You hit that one straight out of the park. I really hate the way that kid idolize Ke$ha like she is some kind of amazing person to look up to when actually, as you said, she is just a trashy and untalented person who releases garbage that passes for music.

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