Celebrities and bad plastic surgery

It seems that the term "growing old gracefully" is a concept that has, um... grown old.

Unless your name is Jeremy Clarkson, having glistening white teeth is an essential precursor to fame. In fact, country singer Keith Urban’s are so perfect that I have now started referring to him as “Teeth Urban“.

It isn’t just teeth though, it seems that everybody in Hollywood has had something done these days regardless of their age or how they looked to start with. Case in point, did Megan Fox really need plastic surgery?

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I’m  not talking about somebody who needs plastic surgery because of an accident or medical condition. Also, if you have a large nose or a weird chin and want to get plastic surgery to fix it so that you feel better about yourself and can enjoy a better quality of life then fine, go ahead and I wish you all the best. If you want to get the surgical equivalent of an iron to your face to get rid of your wrinkles, then go for it, I won’t say a thing.

Just please, please, PLEASE know when to stop.

Keith Urban’s are so perfect that I have now started referring to him as “Teeth Urban“.

The never ending quest for perfection

These days, there is a never ending quest to look better, younger and fitter by any means possible. It seems that the term “growing old gracefully” is a concept that has, um… grown old.

I understand how it must be difficult for somebody in the limelight to let that go as they get older, however, the rest of us have to let our looks go as well, and we seem to do a much better job of it than most celebrities. You’re not fooling anybody… we all know that you’re 85 years old despite your face.

Lets be honest, if you think that the acting work is going to dry up as you get older, getting plastic surgery so that you resemble an Orc isn’t exactly going to help you revive your ailing career, unless you fancy being cast in the next Lord of the Rings movie.

Shocking celebrity bad plastic surgery

The other day I saw Doris Roberts, the cute yet somewhat insane mother from Everybody Loves Raymond. Except these days she looks less like your cute grandma and more like a dog who has spent too long with her head hanging out of a car window. Her eyebrows are higher than Snoop Dogg.
Doris Roberts Plastic Surgery
Jocelyn Wildenstein earned her nickname “the cat woman” after undergoing more than $4 million dollars worth of surgeries to look like a feline for her husband. Four milliondollars to go from an attractive woman to something that would make you leap across the room if you woke up next to it in the middle of the night and saw it in your bedroom.
Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery
Melanie Griffith looks like an artist has collected up all of the drugs she has snorted in her life and tried to mould them into something resembling a human being.
Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery
Do you remember supermodel Janice Dickinson? She has gone from being a beautiful woman to looking more like a transvestite. Her lips look like a 3 year old has stuck plasticine to her face.
Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery

Nikki Cox, Leslie Ash, Lisa Rinna, Lil’ Kim, Lara Flynn Boyle, Carrot Top… The list of famous woman who look like their lips have had an allergic reaction to a bee sting is endless. Do any of them actually think that this looks good? Its like they don’t even have mirrors in their houses.

Donatella Versace’s face now has a closer resemblance Janice the Muppet than another human being. Why anybody would take fashion advice from someone who looks like beef jerky is beyond me. I recently watched her in “The Wrestler” and she was really good, she should have got an Oscar nomination for that role. When a girl starts to look like Mickey Rourke dipped in battery acid, its probably a hint that she should give up on the plastic surgery.

It isn’t just the girls though. Mickey Rourke is a the leading example of the guys are just as bad when it comes to surgery. Close behind him are Burt Reynolds, Barry Manilow and the obvious one, Micheal Jackson who, despite having died in 2009, probably still looks the same today.

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