Words we hate to hear

OMG bae, this post is like so totes increds that like I'm literally about to die. Hashtag embaz LOL!!!!!!!!!! OMG I'm getting emoshe now y'all.

teenagers talking

I’m sure when I was younger, I used words that annoyed my parents… From memory I think I used cool, awesome and amazing quite a lot.

Regardless, I’m sure that the words we used when we were younger were nowhere near as annoying as the ones in use today. Either that or I’m just getting old.

Either way, whether they are talking face to face in a group or into the mobile phone that seems to be strapped to their faces, overhearing a group of 15 year olds having a conversation is enough to like totes make your head explode.

Words we hate to hear in conversation

words we hateAmazeballs – I understand the amazing part but quite what balls have to do with anything I’m not sure.

Awks – Or awkward for the rest of us… Which is how I feel when I heard somebody say “like totes awks” during a conversation.

Bae – Some celebrities use this to mean “babe”. You shouldn’t even try.

Boyfie – You don’t have a boyfie you have a boyfriend.

Bromance – Please don’t.

Chillaxing – A combination of chilling and relaxing.

Cray cray – Apparently not just a type of crustacean.

Emoshe – Another shortened word. This is supposed to mean emotional, as in “I’m like totes emoshe”.

Embaz – When I say that this word is embarrassing, I don’t mean that the word is a shortened version of embarrassing… I mean for anybody using it.

Fashionista – Apparently this means somebody who is in to fashion.

Hashtag – You cannot use the word hashtag in conversation… Hashtag just saying.

Hilare – For people who can’t spell hilarious.

Increds – Stop shortening words.

Like – We did this and like had a totes like awesome time.

LMFAO – Or any other anagram for that matter.

LOL – No, you cannot use LOL as a word. It is annoying enough when somebody types it but when somebody actually says it…

Nom Nom Nom – Nobody should ever use this ever in reference to anything. You aren’t “having nom noms“, you’re eating food.

Par-tay – The one thing guaranteed to make me not want to party is hearing somebody say “Par-tay”.

Seriously/Literally – “I was literally about to die”. Unfortunately you didn’t.

Swag – Anybody who claims to have swag needs a kick in the teeth.

Talk to the hand – Talk to the hand because the face is stuck in 1998.

Totes – no No NO!

Use – Despite what you may think, “use” is not the plural for “you”.

Whatevs — When anybody says this to you, an appropriate reaction is to punch them in the mouth.

Y’all – Unless you are a redneck this is unacceptable to use in conversation.

Want some more? I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi as you can see here.

Are there any more words that you find particularly annoying? Let me know in the comments.



I’m an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


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  2. As someone who grew up (and then grew out of) a family that would be considered redneck, y’all is an acceptable form of the English vernacular for many people I see on a daily basis. Those same people have a distinct hate for the bastardized contraction of you and all that is “yinz”. It’s a dialect that’s very regional to a certain area of the USA, however to my ears, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  3. That sums up my list however there is:
    “Youse or Youze” – ITS NOT A WORD….. PERIOD
    Wrong use of their they’re and there….. it’s really not that hard
    Wrong use of Your and You’re…. even less hard as there is only 2 words to remember!
    I don’t mind people “Hash tagging” but when its 100x #tags on the one thing…. #noonecaresinthefirstplace #justfuckoffalready

    I do always laugh when someone says “(insert I couldn’t give a fuck activity) with the Bae” as Bae is danish for poo!

  4. I admit to using some of those- amazeballs, like- which was a thing even when I was a kid, & sometimes totes (mainly to bug my husband).

    I am Southern & y’all is completely acceptable where I live (and, frankly, has been around longer than many words now currently considered “acceptable” but that’s a discussion for another time). I accept that some people refuse to accept it- but what kills me is that when I lived in Colorado people would ridicule me for saying it and then say “use guys.” Am I the only one who thinks that is a tiny bit hypocritical?

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