Worst reality TV shows to ever hit our screens

Some reality TV shows are proof that if you have enough money, you can simply get drunk, smash your head against a few items of furniture and scribble the first though that comes into your tiny brain when you come around onto a piece of paper.

Worst reality tv shows

The sad thing is that some people are so desperate for fame that they will do absolutely anything to achieve it so long as its quick, easy and doesn’t involve any work. Long gone are the days when you needed talent, instead its easier to spend a couple of weeks on a reality TV show, then sit back and wait for all the fame and fortune you deserve (hint: its none).

The latest in a long line of pathetic attempts at reality television, “I Wanna Marry Harry,” has just been cancelled. In light of this, lets take a look back at some of the worst reality TV shows ever to hit our screens.

I Wanna Marry Harry

The most amazing thing about the show, isn’t how they were able to find 12 women stupid enough to believe that they’re on a tacky dating show with one of the most eligible bachelors in the World. No, the most amazing thing about this show was how they were able to take a pile of shit and mould it into something they were then able to beam across the airwaves and into people’s television sets.

The most amazing thing about this show was how they were able to take a pile of shit and mould it into something they were able to beam into people’s television sets.

I Wanna Marry Harry lasted 4 episodes before being cancelled in America. Here in Australia, for reasons I simply can’t figure out, it was set to première in a prime Sunday night spot last month. Then the TV network woke up and shunted it to 10.45pm Friday nights.

Yasmin’s Getting Married

I remember this show for one thing; Not because I watched it, but because of the insane amount of money that the TV network poured into marketing the program, under the delusion that they could actually make people watch it.

The idea was for a completely random girl who nobody had ever heard of, to find a boyfriend on the show before marrying him during the live TV finale. This never happened though since the show was axed four episodes in.

Why the people who put this crap on TV thought anybody would be interested in watching it is unfortunately a question we will never have an answer to.

The guy behind putting this show on air,Channel Ten’s chief programming officer David Mott, said “it is clear at this early stage that our audience has not embraced this bold new initiative.”

If by that, he meant “Channel Ten grossly underestimated the intelligence of our audience by thinking that anybody would watch this laughably bad program“, then he was right.

Superstar USA

Back in 2004, this US “talent” show was nothing more than an elaborate hoax. The worst, untalented, most delusional singers that could be found would front up to a panel of judges including one-hit wonders Vitamin C and rapper Tone Loc. Not that the weak calibre of the judges wast enough of a warning to the contestants that this show was taking the piss.

Regardless of how bad they were, contestants would be showered with praise and sent them through to the next round.

Surprisingly, Superstar USA made it to their finale, where the winner was told in front of a laughing studio audience that the whole thing had been a joke at her expense.

Mr Personality

The fact that this show was hosted by Monica Lewinsky, the girl who found fame by putting her mouth around the President’s genitalia whilst working as an intern, should have sounded alarm bells.

Yes, it is unbelievable that a TV company would choose her to host anything, but even more unbelievable is that they actually found a girl so desperate that she agreed to appear on the show.

The show got Hailey got to choose a husband from 20 bachelors whose faces were covered by masks throughout the show, supposedly basing her decisions on their personality instead of looks. It ran for just five episodes, sparing Hayley from having to marry a man with an awesome personality but possibly had a face like a smashed crab.

Paris Hilton’s New BFF

This one is my pick for not only the worst reality TV shows to appear on our screens, but is probably one of the worst shows full stop.

Paris Hilton’s new BFF was based around finding Paris Hilton a new BFF by putting them through a number of embarrassing challenges and tests. These included making the girls dance for her, making them keep secrets, how they can stop a rumors, and finding cute guys for Paris.

How much of a pathetic person do you have to be to actually go on TV and beg to be friends with somebody who you have never met before. Then again, I highly doubt that Paris could relate to anybody with an I.Q. level over 45 so I guess that being stupid enough to appear on this show was in fact, the first test.

Even when someone wins this show, their friendship with Paris could be nothing but artificial. Did anybody ever think that winning a show like this would instantly catapult them to a level where they will be there to console the failed porn star/DJ/model/actress/singer/fashion designer/jewellery designer, as she fails at the next career path she chooses?

Japanese Gameshows

If you want to come up with ideas for random reality TV that people will actually watch, take a look at some Japanese gameshows… Those guys have it figured out.



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  1. I used to live in Japan in the late 90s, and they had a show on Friday night where two young adult ladies would joke with one another as they sat in an over sized crib in diapers and no tops on.


  2. Doe’s Honey Boo Boo count as a reality show? That is worse that anything you have listed here!

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