A criminal act isn’t a prank you idiots

In the competition to score the most views on YouTube, modern pranks seem to be a competition to see who can do the most offensive, awkward and criminal act without having the absolute shit beaten out of them. Sometimes I like to make a serious post, this is one of them.

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As far as I’m aware, a prank is a form of practical joke which is funny because the recipient was put into a strange/weird/outrageous situation. I’ve watched plenty of prank videos on the internet and found many of them to be hilarious.

Lately though, the definition of prank seems to have changed by a load of morons who use it as an excuse for acting inappropriately or performing a criminal act against a stranger in public. Apparently, they think yelling out “it was a prank,” works as a pathetic form of defence whilst somebody rightfully loses their shit and tries to knock the persons teeth out for being a shitty human being.

In the competition to score the most views on YouTube, modern pranks seem to have become nothing more than a competition to see who can do the most offensive, awkward and criminal act without having the crap belted out of them.

I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking that I need to lighten up. The truth is that I have a great sense of humour and can definitely appreciate a good prank. Coming from a radio background, I’ve done some stupid shit in my time and pulled off some elaborate pranks, however they were always stupid, harmless and nowhere near criminal. The difference is that the pranks we pulled on radio were done with the sole intention of being funny and entertaining, not to be as offensive and cringe-worthy as possible.

These so-called internet “pranks” aren’t just in poor taste and stupid, some are borderline rapey.

Sexual harassment isn’t a prank

I’m a guy and last time I checked, woman don’t appreciate sexual harassment.

In one video, a guy walks down the street and engages random woman in conversation before pinching their bum and blaming it on a passer by. Um sorry, that isn’t a prank, it is sexual harassment and it isn’t funny. Despite getting over a million views, the video caused quite a backlash, and rightly so, because it’s fucking disgusting.

In another video, two guys who walk past random women and literally sweep them off their feet. What if it wasn’t a “prank” but somebody was actually picking them up to kidnap them? I’m sure that’s a  thought which went through the mind of each of these poor girls. I’m sure that fear went through the mind of every single girl, and that is just not on.  I didn’t laugh once. The only way the video would have been funny is if one of the girls pulled out a taser and hit the guy right in the eyeball.

youtube prankNow I’m the first person to call somebody out for being overly politically correct. But there’s a difference between being stupidity politically correct and being downright offensive and degrading, the same way as there’s a difference between doing an actual prank and committing a borderline criminal act against somebody.

Would the reaction have been the same if instead of attractive, clean, young guys, it was dirty, smelly, homeless men doing the same thing? I doubt it, I think there would be uproar. How are these girls supposed to act when they know they are about to be put on YouTube for everyone to see. Most of the girls in the video try to politely brush them off with a nervous giggle and even an awkward thanks. But just because they laughed it off, doesn’t mean that they liked it.

If somebody did that to my fiancée in the street, I know exactly how she would react. She would try to brush it off as a joke at the time. I also know how personally violated she would feel afterwards, how long it would play on her mind, and how long it would take her to get over those feelings.

The simple fact of the matter is that this kind of “prank” isn’t funny. It plays upon the vulnerability of women as males display dominant behaviour over them for their own amusement. In short, it targets their fears and treats them as objects. I bet they wouldn’t try grabbing another guys dick as he walked past because there is a high probability that they would cop a punch square in the face.

What about the possibility of trauma? If a person has previously been a victim of sexual abuse or comes from an abusive relationship, it could have terrible consequences for the target of the so-called prank. Whilst one simple act may not cause this reaction in the majority of women, these “pranksters” don’t know the background of any of their targets or how this one act could increase their ongoing fear of men and poor self worth.

A criminal act isn’t a prank

It isn’t just women being targeted though. Although the men aren’t targeted sexually, these so-called “pranksters” do target a certain demographic in their video as they seek a specific kind of reaction.

Take this guy who asks to use a persons phone then runs off with it. Or these dumbasess, who walk past people using their mobile phones, snatch them out of their hands, then run off. When people move to beat the shit out of him he yells that it’s a prank and seems surprised. Sorry again but taking a strangers mobile phone isn’t a prank either, it is theft and regardless of whether the phone is given back or not, I would react the same way as the victims act here.

Then there is the guy who pretends to steal petrol from peoples cars but was actually just pouring water into a bucket. I hate to break it to you, but regardless of whether you are committing a crime or just pretending to commit a crime, neither could be classed as a prank.

Oh, and this guy who pretends to steal a car then seems surprised that the person turned his face into a human punching bag and called the cops who locked him up. How the hell do you “pretend” to steal a strangers car then call it a prank then and expect to not get arrested you fucking idiot? Would you pretend to shoot somebody on the street and yell out “it was a prank” when the cops show up and drop a clip full of bullets in your stupid ass without a second thought?

When enough is enough

These idiots lack the mental capacity to know when to stop which means, sooner rather than later, one of them is going to do the wrong thing to the wrong person and get themselves killed. When this happens, you would think it would serve as a wake-up call to other so-called YouTube “pranksters”, but in the never-ending battle for views, I doubt it will make the slightest bit of difference.

I'm an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


  1. I once had someone try to “prank” my girlfriend when we were on a date, by kissing her while I was there. (I think the idea was to get a reaction from me).
    This guy comes up, grabs her by the waist, and then goes to kiss her and receives a right hook to the face. But not mine, HERS! Broke his nose and chipped his tooth!
    I wanted to punch him too but I was in stitches laughing and thought he had had enough.

    The guy holding the camera comes out yelling “It’s a prank, It’s a prank!” we threaten to call the cops for sexual harassment unless they delete the video (as we didn’t want to be on YouTube)…… needless to say they deleted the video and that ends my story to the world’s worst “prank”!

    • Well played!! I would have bought her anything she wanted after such a brilliant display! I think the cops would have been on your side!

      • One time it was school hiloday and i was really boredit was a rainy day and i couldn’t go out so i decided to play a prank on my parents. well we have got a crap 30 year old car (ANCIENT) and i thought it was time that car got cared after by southerner family in other words GET RID OF IT! so i went on my computer and printed out some FOR SALE signs with my dads mobile number and email address andi put all of the details about the car like price and miles and petrol info and all that. about 1 week later a guy phoned up and asked to arrange a test drive with my dad and he was totally confused. so first he asked my mom if she new anything about this car sale. obviously she new nothing, but i did heheheh. so he went outside and saw our car with signs all over it ( printed about 50 sheets) and staright away he ripped them all off. his face was raging and red and luckily i got a picture of. i am soooooo going to share it on facebook. and to make a story short i got double grounding for doing that prank and sharing the pic on facebook. i am glad it rained for anouther 2 weeks non stop so i coulden’t go out anyway heheheheh SUCH A BIG PRANK. BY THE WAY I AM PLANNING ON DOING ANOUTHER ON PRANK SO WATCH OUT FOR ME!!!

  2. Thanks for saying it!! I agree, I don’t get where this new thing comes from. It’s like when your little sister calls you a name and then says “I WAS JOKING” when you run and tell on her.

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