Dinosaur nerds aren’t happy about Jurassic Park

The most inaccurate part about Jurassic Park is the existence of Jurassic Park itself so pipe down dinosaur nerds.

Jurassic Park

The first trailer for the new Jurassic Park movie was released the other day and scientific dinosaur nerds all over the world are up in arms about the glaring inaccuracies they spotted.

Then there is this guy who seems to be mega pissed about it  

I for one, have absolutely no idea what he is talking about, neither does my computer spellchecker, which picked up mosasaur and platynotan as typos. He obviously has good reason to get angry though because like… science… or something?

Its not supposed to be accurate you dinosaur nerds, its supposed to be an entertaining movie. I would hate to hear what they have to say about The Flintstones or all-singing all-dancing Barney.

The biggest inaccuracy of Jurassic Park is Jurassic Park

First of all, the biggest inaccuracy about Jurassic Park is the existence of Jurassic Park in the first place. Who remembers when Spielberg killed that dinosaur and the internet went crazy?

dinosaur jokeIts a movie about a Disney-esque theme park where people go to giggle and laugh whilst looking at dinosaurs. Even if scientists could bring dinosaurs back to life, do you really think that the fluorescent jacket wearing occupational health and safety brigade would let them put those dinosaurs into a fucking theme park separated from people by nothing more than a small fence.

I know that I would much rather watch an accurate movie about dinosaurs, where people sit under a blazing sun for four years dusting the dirt off of bone fragments before wrapping them in plastic, and shipping them off to a warehouse for a dozen years before someone gets around to cleaning and analysing them.

Its the same story whenever a sports movie is released, or when people get upset about military movies not being accurate. The large majority of people don’t want to sit through somebody explaining the inner workings of a race-tuned car, or 2 hours of procedural military babble before the explosions start. People aren’t there for an education, they want quick, fast entertainment that’s dumbed down just enough for them to understand without being overwhelmed.

Sure, it is important for movies to be accurate to an extent. You can’t have immersion-breaking mistakes like in the Michael Bay wet dream Armageddon. But for the sake of entertainment, who gives a crap about the odd inaccuracy that only a handful of people are going to spot.

STFU, grab your popcorn and watch the movie!

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