Man spends $190,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

Sometimes things appear on the internet that make me wonder if some people are living on the same planet as the rest of us. This is one of those times.

kim kardashian guy

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I wish I looked like somebody famous.

In a completely non-gay way, I’ll admit that Jenson Ackles is a good looking guy. Hell I’ve even told my wife that he is my celebrity man crush and she is cool with that.

Unfortunately, both myself and my wife have made peace with the fact that I’ll never look like Jenson Ackles. Instead, she just continues to turn the bedroom light off and use her imagination.

kim kardashian plastic surgerySome people however, won’t settle until they have spent obscene amounts of money to look like their idols. Check out these these guys and these girls for example.

It doesn’t always work out so well though. Recently photos hit the internet of this guy who spent $190,000 in his quest to look like Kim Kardashian.

Jordan James Parke is a British makeup artist who fell in love with the reality TV star after watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The 23-year-old has had more than 50 cosmetic procedures to transform himself into a Kim lookalike, including Botox, lip fillers, eyebrow tattoos and laser hair removal.

Unfortunately for him, he ended up looking more like a blow up doll than Kim Kardashian.

I’m not sure Kim Kardashian uses a giant Sharpie to draw her eyebrows on either, and she definitely doesn’t shave her head. The lips are close, but his look more like an allergic reaction to a bee sting than the standard Kardashian duckface pout.

It doesn’t just stop with his face though, Jordan also enjoys wasting his money on buying designer bullshit so that he can amass a Kardashian-esque collection of ugly clothing and other material crap no one actually needs.

To top it all off, he is one of those douchebags who #hashtags a thousand completely random non-related things in all of his Instagram photos.


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