Kanye West and Paul McCartney – Obvious troll is obvious

Lets be honest here... Kanye West fans have bigger problems than not knowing who Paul McCartney is.

kanye mccartney

The internet is a magical place where things can be taken out of context in a matter of seconds before blowing up on an epic scale of stupidity and lazyness.

Thanks to viral sharing and people not actually reading things properly, instant outrage can arise from the smallest of things taken out of context then quickly shared through networks.

In the past, most people got their news from journalists who would check, then double check their information before publishing anything. These days, the simple lazy click of a share button can pass a comment or link on to thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

Kanye West discovers Paul McCartney and the internet goes crazy

On New Year’s Eve, in an attempt to put some credibility to his name, Kanye West (this douchebag) dropped a surprise new track featuring Sir Paul McCartney (that guy from The Beatles). We ALL know that McCartney has more talent in his little finger than Kayne will ever have, so the collaboration came as a bit of a surprise to everyone.

Now Twitter is full of comedians who make jokes about everything you could possibly imagine, from current events through to crazy random shit they make up in their heads. Some of these people made jokes making out that they were unaware of who the Beatle is.

Unfortunately, nobody has invented an Emoticon for sarcasm yet. As this tweet gathered momentum through thousands of retweets, people who weren’t following the account saw it appear on their timeline and without bothering to check the accounts previous tweets, blasted the guy for being an idiot.

CurvedDaily fought back with yet more humor, however not even these blatantly obvious jokes we’re enough to overcome the collective stupidity of some people on the internet, who replied with all kinds of abuse.

It’s funny that the only idiots in this situation are the ones getting up on their “OMG as if you don’t know who Paul McCartney is you dumbass” high horse, without bothering to take 2 seconds to investigate the guy they are blasting.

Who is trolling who (or whom?)?

Remember back to last year when Stephen Spielberg killed that dinosaur and the internet went apeshit? That got a little bit out of hand because people jumped on it without bothering to check the details because OMG THIS F&#KING ASSHOLE KILLED A PRECIOUS DINOSAUR, LETS OVERREACT AND STRING HIM UP BY HIS TESTICLES IMMEDIATELY!

Stupid people making stupid comments because they are stupid, right? Facepalm straight through the back of my head.

Stephen Spielberg killed dinosaur

But hang on a moment, lets take a step back here. Who is actually trolling who?

In reality, I’m sure that many of the people commenting on the post clearly understood what was going on; they saw that it was obviously a joke so fuelled it by making jokes of their own.

The truth is that nobody knows. Hence further proof of the need for that sarcasm Emoticon I mentioned before!

dinosaurEither way, the internet goes round and round in an endless circle or “they were joking/they weren’t joking”.

Next minute though, the Spielberg troll and Kanye troll are appearing on serious news websites in articles screaming about how stupid people are, because some lazy journalist took 2 minutes to scrape together a bottom-of-the-barrel article, and they didn’t get the joke.

This is where the real problem starts.

When the ‘real news’ sites start posting serious articles taken out of context, all it does is confirm in the minds of lazy internet neckbeards that everyone commenting is stupid. Thanks to the media, people believe that the jokes are actually uneducated comments.

So it seems that the only people really being trolled here are the news outlets who don’t understand humor.

Or maybe it’s the news outlets who are the biggest trolls of them all?

When you think about it, they are pursuing the laziest form of journalism imaginable as they call people stupid and sensationalise the story in the form of “real news”. Then they sit back and watch the advertising money roll in as people click on their links.

Now I’m off to BBQ me a Triceratops, does anybody know a good sauce recipe?


I’m an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


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