Cut down on packaging to stop the litter

You only have to take a look at any car park belonging to a fast food establishment to see the amount of rubbish in the car park. There are bins everywhere yet the car park is generally covered in rubbish because people are too lazy to get their fat, hamburger filled asses out of their car seat and take it to the bin.


In a recent survey by Readers Digest, 90% of people admitted that they struggle to open things because of the packaging. there is nothing worse than getting a pair of scissors or a knife and not having anything to open the damn packaging with. How many times have you damaged a product or wasted something during the process of opening it? How many of us have bruised ourselves, cut ourselves or chipped a tooth whilst trying to open a package?

Yes, its annoying not being able to open the packaging. But at least whilst people are in their homes, once they eventually get through all of the excess packaging they find it easy to walk across the room and put it in the bin. Some of us even take the time to separate out the different materials and dispose of each one in the correct one of 37 different recycling bins.

This happens in the home because the majority of people care about the state of their house. They live in it and they look at it every day therefore they want it to look nice and presentable. the same cannot be said when people are out on the street, where suddenly litter is no longer their problem.

Antisocial behaviour

When I see people engaging in antisocial behaviour such as cycling on the footpath or shining a laser pen into the eyes of a cat I will often sigh to myself. If it is something more serious such as touching zoo animals in inappropriate places, or throwing a baby into oncoming traffic, I might even say something. When I see somebody drop litter in the street however, I go into some uncontrollable internal rage.

When I see somebody drop litter in the street, I go into some uncontrollable internal rage.

The council spends an awful lot of our hard earned tax money to make sure that you are never more than 10 metres from a rubbish bin and that these bins are regularly emptied, therefore, I feel obliged to hold onto my litter for 3 seconds until I pass a bin so that I can place it in there.

Making a purely aesthetic judgement of the people I often see dropping their rubbish on the floor, I’m going to guess that they don’t often pay taxes so I guess they don’t feel the need to use a service if they don’t pay for it. Not paying taxes doesn’t stop them from using our roads though.

Why do bogans always litter?

This morning I was driving in my car down a main road and what can only be described as a bogan family were driving alongside me in their rusted out Holden Commodore station wagon. I know it sounds like I am making up a typical Australian stereotype about these people but I promise you that this is 100% true.

teach a boganI’m pleased to say that in between taking giant bites out of her hamburger, drags of her cigarette and turning around to the back seat to slap the shit out of her mulletted kids, she did occasionally pay attention to the road.

Next thing you know, her hand appeared out of the window holding a large brown bag obviously containing the no longer required wrappers from the latest, highly nutritious, family takeaway meal, which she then proceeded to drop into the middle of the road. I also bet that she would be the first one to complain when “Those f**kin lazy council c**ts don’t clear up that f**kin shit from the side of the road why the f**k do I pay my taxes f**kin assholes“.

We can complain about it all we like though, but nothing is going to change. You can’t educate a 45 year old person to change their lifelong lack of care about anything aside from themselves and doing what is easiest for them at that exact moment in time.

That unfortunately that means the answer isn’t to try and change them, the answer is for sensible people to limit the opportunity for the stupid, braindead and gormless to drop things on the street. It’s the same thought process that goes into stopping a child from doing something you don’t want them to do.

How to stop people from littering

To do this, my suggestion is to cut down on the amount of packaging that companies feel the need to strangle their products inside thus limiting the opportunity for people to throw it into the street.

A supermarket does not need to give a lettuce its own Bubble Boy inspired state of the art oxygen tent because its a fucking lettuce. A pen does not need to be sterilised and quadruply wrapped because I’m sure nobody has ever died from a contaminated pen they picked up from the bargain bin at Officeworks.

The main culprit though is bogan staple fast food meal. A burger doesn’t need to be double wrapped, with fries in a cardboard box, and 63 napkins all inside a giant paper bag. The care level of some of the people I have witnessed purchasing food in some of these establishments suggests that you could ask them to hold out their hands and just give it to them and they wouldn’t care. In fact, they would probably appreciate that more because it will cut down the amount of time they have to waste trying to get the food out of the bag before shoving it down their gob.

You only have to take a look at any car park belonging to a fast food establishment to see the amount of rubbish in the car park. There are bins everywhere yet the car park is generally covered in rubbish because people are too lazy to get their fat, hamburger filled asses out of their car seat and take it to the bin. Incredibly they also seem to be unable to drive home with it either. Maybe they don’t own a bin at their house? Who knows?

A Brazilian burger chain thinks it has come up with a solution by offering a burger wrapper that you can eat but I have a better idea. Since it’s impossible to fine every individual for littering so I suggest that companies should be slapped with a fine for any of their branded packaging that’s found on the street.

Not only would this encourage them to remove all of the unessential packaging from their products and only provide the bare minimum. I guarantee that if they do this, many fast food retailers would be out of business within a week.


I’m an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.