Kanye West is still the biggest douchebag in music

In his latest display of douchebaggery at the Grammy Awards, Kanye West forced his frowning face on stage once again, this time to interrupt Beck.

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I’ve said in the past, and after his Grammys outburst on the weekend, I’ll say it again; Kanye West should be banned from attending anything because he is an asshole. He should be banned from award shows for good.  He should be banned from everything for good.

He acts like a grumpy, snotty-nosed kid who’s upset that somebody else got a reward for being a good student and he didn’t get anything.

Whenever something happens that Kanye doesn’t agree with, he feels the need to get his self-entitled, arrogant ass up on stage to complain about it in front of everyone despite the fact that nobody gives a shit about what he has to say. In fact, he has repeated his pathetic public tantrums so many times now that his name has become a verb, “oh look, Kanye pulled a Kanye again.

Get that stupid fucking grumpy look off your face Kanye and pull your act together you egomaniacal dick.

He is becoming a verb. Oh look, Kanye pulled a Kanye again.

Kanye at the Grammys

Kanye West memeIn his latest display of douchebaggery at the Grammy Awards on the weekend, Kanye once again waltzed on stage as somebody else was collecting their award. At least this time, his tiny brain kicked in after he got up on stage and he saved his rant until afterwards when he said that Beck’s Grammy award win is “disrespectful to inspiration.”

Well Kanye’s behaviour is disrespectful to Beck, disrespectful to music, and disrespectful to intelligence. He has no manners, no class, and keeps showing the world why he is an ignorant dick.

West then followed up by saying “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.” Well Kanye needs to respect artistry and respect the artists by not acting like a spoilt brat every time something happens that he doesn’t agree with. Beyonce has had 53 Grammy nominations and won 20 awards already. Give it a rest.

Maybe if Kanye was some kind of musical genius, people might be a bit more forgiving of his outrageous behaviour. But the fact of the matter is that the majority of his music is dull, cliched, boring and desperate. Most of it is throwaway pop music, written by groups of musicians and ghostwriters, to appeal to the masses. Oh how inspirational you are Kanye.

How the hell does Kanye think he is some kind of musical innovator? Track after track with a catchy chorus interspersed with someone rapping about how much money they have in between… It’s like I haven’t heard his music before but somehow I’ve heard it a million times.

Kanye, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. The world is bored of you. You’ve turned from a professional musician into a professional asshole.

Instead of focussing on your next pathetic outburst, try focussing on improving yourself. And whilst you’re at it, learn to smile once in a while too.

Video of Kanye interrupting at Grammys

Sit back and enjoy this video of Kanye at his finest.

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  1. Would Love to see someone Knock Kanye OUT with a right cross to the Jaw on LIVE TV!!
    Kanye is an Arrogant Racist mixed with a war on Women!
    Bottom line, Kanye is an Oxygen Thief.

  2. Would Love to see someone clock Kanye with a right cross to the JAWBONE!
    Knock his ass OUT on Live TV! He’s a Racist Douchebag mixed with a war on women!
    Bottom line, Kanye West is an Oxygen Thief!!

    • A “Kanye” is a verb when you use it to describe an act of doing something such as “doing a Kanye”. Maybe you should be the one who goes back to school as you clearly missed the point.

      • Actually, “a Kanye” is a noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. When you describe a action as a thing, it becomes a noun, not a verb. For example, “the man went on a jog.” “Jog” is a noun in this sentence. But in the sentence “I want to jog,” it is a verb. Maybe you should go jog irkitated, you don’t want to be stupid AND fat. Bitch.

        • Oh for crap sake Why do you think that because you made a correct statement that means its OK to be classless and insulting? When you resorted to ad hominem, you lost any ground you had.

  3. I’m pretty sure Kanye doesn’t know how to deal with things that are not about Kanye. If Kanye is not the center of attention, Kanye goes out of his way to “fix the problem.”

  4. Oh that Kanye… you know without him no one would know who Paul McCartney is. And as you know Kanye is God so watch out for lightning strikes.

  5. I’m gonna go ahead and agree with your assessment of Kanye’s douchebag behavior, and STRONGLY disagree with your assessment of his music. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a modern-day masterpiece, filled to the brim with innovative production and dazzling craftsmanship. Yeezus was weak, and some of his earlier stuff is kind of hit-or-miss, but there’s a reason why MBDTF is so widely praised and such a massive, influential gamechanger in hip-hop.

    • Music is a subjective thing so it’s a given that not everyone will agree on musical taste. I’m glad we agree about his behaviour though! I actually said in an earlier Kanye post “The sad thing is that I actually don’t mind some of his music, the trouble is that his head is rammed so far up his own ass he can’t hear it himself.”

  6. Yeah, he is completely out of line with this crap. We all have opinions. Some people are glad Beck one, some are upset that Beyonce didn’t. There are probably people who exist who wanted a completely different nominee to win the award. But alas, most people have the decency and class to congratulate Beck on his win and move on with their lives.

    Kanye seems to think that his opinion is fact. Unfortunately for him, he just looks like a whiny child. I’m glad most people seem to be fed up with him at this point. I’ve been fed up with hearing about him for years.

  7. Thank you for this post tonight. Made me laugh during a very boring meeting. Seriously though, Kanye needs to go buhbye.

    Also Beck has far more creativity in him than Kanye has in his fingernail.

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