Weird YouTube videos

The weird part of YouTube is a thing. A proper thing. A properly terrifying thing.

Weird part of YouTube
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Whilst most of YouTube is full of funny videos of people hurting themselves, unfunny “pranks” gone wrong, and beauty bloggers teaching you how to put your hair up in a ponytail because you’re to damn stupid to figure it out for yourself. Beneath the friendly exterior, there is something much darker, sinister and just plain weird.

The weird part of YouTube is an area full of videos which are completely unrelated to what you were originally watching. It is strange, entertaining, creepy, exciting, funny, random, and sometimes just plain terrifying.

Normally people would never see these videos because they’re just so strange and random, but if you spend enough time on YouTube, you might inadvertently find yourself watching one.

How to get to the weird part of YouTube

YouTube shows “related videos” down the right hand side of every page. This normally contains other so-called related videos. By related, I mean stuff that YouTube automatically assumes is similar to what you are watching, but it isn’t really to sure so could honestly be anything.

By clicking on one of these related videos, you will go to that video’s page and be presented with yet more related videos.

The more you click, the less related the videos become from what you were originally watching, until you find yourself watching a video of a Spanish guy covered in Cheeto dust sitting in a bathtub singing Phantom of the Opera. At that point you step back and think “how the hell did I end up here” and hope nobody is looking at your computer screen over your shoulder.

Lets get weird

You’ve heard of NSFW (Not Safe For Work)? Well these videos are Not Safe For Life. Remember that what has been seen cannot be unseen… you’ve been warned!

Don’t forget to clear out your browsing history once you’re done because you don’t want anybody to think you’re a complete weirdo.

A strange song sung by people in a high-pitched voice whilst swaying in a field

Because sometimes you love nature so much that you just want to sing about it in a really high pitched voice whilst dancing really badly.

A dancing man wearing a horse mask cooking wild mushrooms

If I owned a horse mask, the first thing I would do is put it on and film myself cooking food.

Santa Claus trying to make music

I don’t know if this really is Santa Claus, but either way it’s creepy and weird and ever so slightly out of tune.

A guy dressed as Superman inflating himself

I’m not sure what would posess somebody to do this but I can only assume it’s some kind of sexual fetish.

The scariest cereal commercial ever made

Because the best way to make somebody buy your cereal is to get a creepy ass clown to talk about it whilst simultaneously looking like he would murder your entire family with the spoon.

This video for which I have no words

I think this is some kind of kids show but I’m not sure. whatever it is, it’s weird.

An example of why nobody should ever take drugs ever

The high production values of this video leads me to assume that many hours were put into creating this artistic masterpiece.

A guy exploding bananas on his face

Because the first thing I think of doing when I see a banana is sticking it to my face and setting it on fire.

Have you found anything weird on YouTube? Drop a link in the comments.


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  1. Wow. Really, wow. Seems I have a lot to learn about YouTube! On the other hand it does make me feel much more normal so that’s a plus.

    I know what I’m doing tonight!

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