Are Facebook posts just for likes or has everyone really been on a journey?

Facebook is a place where people go to brag about the life they wish they had to their friends. In this Guest Post, Jamie takes a look at what's really behind those statuses. Make sure you check out his own website for more via the link at the bottom of the page.

Fakebook Facebook

So I’m just going to call it as I see it. I’m an avid social commentator and analyser of human behaviour and interactions and engage in many conversations with my actual voice and in person regarding issues that humans face. So with that said, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect going on between peoples social media declarations about their journeys and transformations, and the lives they’re actually living day to day.

Humans can smell bullshit… it’s science. Well, maybe not science, but we all know those moments when the biggest liar in the room lies once again but we all just smile and nod because it’s easier to let them think we think they’re being truthful than have that conversation.

I’ll use the recent 2015 life reflection Facebook statuses as an example (they happen at the end of every year).

“Oh my god you guys, so blessed for the year I’ve had, if I can say anything, it would be to walk to the beat of your own drum, don’t let any hate in and love with your heart”

I’m going to call BS on such statuses because on more than one occasion, have I read these and then been in a situation where the author could not string more than two words together in an actual human to human conversation. I might add at this point, words that do come easily to these humans are judgmental, negative and generally hideous.

facebook memeBUT, I think I may have figured out why they do it; They are getting a lot of “likes” AKA modern day validation. Somehow I just can’t reconcile this in my brain. It turns my stomach. This world we live in, the real and the online world is a bizarre one.

As well as these BS and meaningless statuses they put up, everyone also seems to think they’re a cover model these days after they take 387 selfies then carefully select the one they look best in to post online. I struggle to recognise people I’ve not seen in a while based on their online photos thanks to all the filters.

So where are we? Have I got it wrong? Am I viewing the world through the wrong lens? Or am I viewing the world for what it really is, one thing on the Internet edited to perfection and viewed through an Instagram filter, but something completely different in the flesh? I’m confident it’s the latter and that the gig is up for many.

So what do I want? Well, nothing really. Just know that if you’re a bad person in real life and project being a nice person online, everybody can see through the BS, so essentially there is nothing for me to do here, everything will unravel as it should.

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