LOL is the stupidest saying in the world

LOL is a stupid word which is said by stupid people to convey their stupid feelings about stupid things.

Laughing out loud

Throughout the history of mankind (or humankind if we are being politically correct), people have laughed as a response to funny things. It started with what I can only assume was a smiled grunt emanating from a bearded caveman with personal hygiene issues, as he watched his caveman mate bang his head on their cave doorway. In more recent times it has evolved into what we call laughter.

In the modern age however, with the advent of computers and the internet, humankind found the need to evolve once more so that we could convey laughter in the written form. This enabled us to use text to show other people how funny we found that video of a dog knocking somebody off their bike.

Written laughter


This isn’t really funny but I know that you just made a joke so take this sympathy reaction


OK that was kind of funny but not


Now you’re talking


OMG that was


Mockingly laughing at somebody. For example, after they have just fallen over.


Capital letters convey shouting therefore this is actually the text equivalent of laughing out loud.


Using the same theory, this is showing laughing out loud for an extended period.


Not a reaction like the others but an abbreviation which means Laugh Out Loud. LOL is also the stupidest saying in existence.

Why LOL is stupid

Written language was created to convey what you would say out aloud, but in a permanent form others can read. If you are talking about your car, you write the word car. If you are talking about walking, then you use the word walking.

Using that logic, if you laugh at something then you would use some combination of the letters ha depending on how funny you found it. You don’t say Laugh Out Loud when somebody makes a joke in real life unless you are a complete fucking douchebag.

The trouble with typing LOL is that people who do so often suffer from LOL tourettes; they use it at the end of every sentence and cannot help themselves. You know they type I’m talking about.

LOL Meme“Just going out for dinner LOL”

“I’m sick LOL”

“Watching a movie LOL”

“LOL hi”

There is absolutely nothing funny about any of those things that has caused you to physically laugh out loud. Nothing. You’ve just written LOL because you didn’t know what else to write and you are a moron.

Writing LOL is awkward and its weird and its stupid and .

Worse than LOL

It gets worse. Whereas people who use haha tend to extend their ha’s depending on how funny they found something, people who use LOL often resort to either;




Can you see how stupid this is?

Are you saying Laugh out out out out out out out loud loud loud loud loud loud loud loud?

Are you saying Laugh out loud out loud out loud out loud? Is this LOL-fucking-ception?

Things are changing though, according to this study undertaken by Facebook people aren’t saying LOL any more, instead they are starting to use variations of hahaha, which makes much more sense.



I’m an ex breakfast radio DJ who no longer hosts a breakfast radio show so I created this website to give myself somewhere new to make jokes and rant about life, pop culture, celebrities and stupid people.


  1. I hate “Lol” just as much as you my friend, but what do you think of these alternatives?
    Laughing so hard I’m crying Emojis
    Simply saying “That’s funny”
    Not responding at all
    And saying something like “That’s as funny as _____”?
    [Example, “That’s as funny as Donald running for president!”]

  2. I think, originally, LOL was an acronym that emerged when email, newsgroups, and the Internet were in their infancy, maybe even before that, in the days of BBS. If you read something that was so funny it made you literally laugh out loud, then LOL was a perfectly valid response to type. But it’s evolved, and it’s evolved stupidly. It’s become a “word”, a stupid word, with all its stupid variants: lolz, lulz, lololol, etc.

  3. Lol.

    Irkitated, what you do not seem to understand is that English is an evolving language.

    Words are formed when a need for them arises, true. But to think that ten years later they will still mean the same thing is naive.

    People learn most new words, atleast I know I do, by reading them through context and not through opening a dictionary and sifting through the pages to find the exact definition of that word.

    I must have come across this word in a context that meant one thing and since then, I’ve found it acceptable to use in that same context. And that article clearly shows that I’m not alone and that the use of the word ‘lol’ in this manner has seen such wide usage that they are a significant part of the entire population.

    When this happens, you should embrace it and realize that the word might have a different meaning instead of complaining or crying out loud that other people’s definition of the word doesn’t match yours or what you think to be ‘correct’.

    Another example of a word that underwent such a transformation would be ‘literally’.

    • Well that’s why the post opened with references to English being an evolving language! It still doesn’t mean that LOL is a stupid word!

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