If you can’t spell then you can’t sit with us

I'll admit it, since the creation of autocorrect I've pretty much forgotten how to spell. Maybe it's laziness, or maybe it's... no it's definitely laziness.


I don’t know if the human race are just getting lazy in this modern day of autocorrect, spell check and the like, but if you can’t spell and I see it, you can’t sit with me anymore. In my mind, the ability to spell words is the bread and butter of basic life skills 101. I’m don’t care if you think I am coming across as judgmental or pretentious for this, because that is 100% my intention.

We really need to step it up humans, we are supposedly continuously evolving as a species but I can’t help but feel the Kardashianisation of the world has somehow contributed to this issue. Being pretty doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn Basic English, grammar, punctuation, that ability to read. Having nice hair and teeth doesn’t write job applications, although having said that, I suppose one does not need to be able to spell to take pretty pictures for Instagram and use # about being #Grateful for everything that happened this morning while sitting on upcycled pallets sipping kale smoothies (and please stop abusing hashtags!).

I think what is most disappointing is that I’ve known some people for many years and then when social media came along, I realised that they could not spell basic words, form sentences or get their point across in general. I felt betrayed, I thought they were different, I thought they were better, I thought they were on my team. I’m not mad, I’m just a little disappointed.

autocorrectI do however enjoy reading comments online from angry keyboard warriors about the happenings of the local shopping centre carpark and then the flood of misspelt comments that come in after it and I can’t help but read them in the “took urh jerbs” voice from South Park.

I just don’t know, am I being a little over sensitive? Probably. Is the ability to read, write and spell a basic human function? Probably not if we consider that our primal instincts are to survive. But alas, we’re not cave humans any more. In this world we do communicate with each other via the written word, more often than not these days, online and in the public arena for people across all of the land to read.

Also, as we know, it does not take a lot to go “viral” these days, good heavens won’t somebody please think of the children! The least one can do is spell words correctly and form proper sentences, particularly when you’re attempting to complain about a shop, or some materialistic first world issue that you had 17 times today. You look like even more of an idiot after your rant towards someone online when you spell the things incorrectly and commit crimes against language such as saying “yous”. Stop it.

So with all of this said, I feel much better about life. Feel free to flood the comments with misspelt words and poorly formed sentences but only if you’re prepared for me to ask you to edit them before I read them because my eyes just won’t allow me to read bad writing.

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