Superstores have left us with a complete lack of survival skills

In this Guest Post, Scandal talks about our reliance on supermarkets. If we're honest, most of us wouldn't last more than a few days in a survival situation.


So I had my first experience on the weekend at a large store that sells everything in bulk that shall remain nameless. I have to say that it was overwhelming to say the least. From the size of the car park, to the size of the trolley’s themselves and then the fact that you could buy anything from a piece of lettuce to a ride on lawn mower all under the one roof.

I could not believe the amount of food one could purchase, in bulk, pre-prepared with little to do but either eat it as is, or heat it up in the oven and forget.

Whilst a part of me thought this was great for saving time, another part of me was wondering what is the end game with this concept?

Is the notion of having a store that has done all the life work for you essentially deskilling human beings? Or is it just freeing up our time so that we can slave to the machine that is society more and more?

supermarket memeNow I am sure that many would argue that shopping in bulk is a great time saver for reasons such as being able to spend more time with the kids, doing recreational activities on the weekends and simply de-stressing our lives from tasks which perhaps we don’t like doing.

I struggle in mind at this point in time as to whether or not this is evolution. Is this just the next step and I am simply being too cynical and old school for life in the modern day?

Or, am I concerned, and rightly so, for our future humans who we are bringing into the world and whether or not they will know how to do basic things such as cut up a cucumber with a knife to put into a salad, assuming they know what a knife and a salad is.

If a zombie apocalypse hits tomorrow, as a species, we are done for thanks to our complete lack of survival skills beyond heading to the shops. The only people left will be those gun-toting loonies from Doomsday Preppers.

Or, is this just a step in the process towards artificial intelligence and our transition into robots as we progressively outsource our lives to technology, smart phones and automation of processes deemed to be too manual and better off done in bulk by a computer?

I suppose one get out of jail free card could be to change our title from human beings, to human doings, because that’s pretty much what the bulk of us have become.

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