Smart phones, stupid people: Look up and live!

Guest post time once again. This time, Jamie from The Scandalous Philosophies is back to rant about society's obsession with smartphones.

Mobile Phones

Smart phones, stupid people. I’ve heard this phrase a few times and thought nothing of it initially until recently when I went down to do my food shopping on a sunny Sunday morning at my favorite store.

The store is situated in a beautiful part of the world with more and more activity happening all the time. As I drove down, I noticed human after human going about their walks, runs, or just sitting around at café’s with their heads down glued to their smart phones. Many were just sitting in the most random spots, alone, headphones in and seemingly disengaging with the world, yet under the impression they were engaging with another, the online world.

Now this phenomenon is nothing new, smart phones and the Internet have been around for a while now and their capability has evolved quite rapidly. Perhaps a little too rapidly for the human mind, time will tell. It seems to be that as technology evolves, humans devolve, perhaps at the same rate as the universe is said to be pulling itself apart into a disintegrated state.

It’s a worry, or maybe I am over thinking it, as I tend to do but I do talk to a lot of people of all ages about this topic and I’ve not come across anyone that does not agree. This leads me to believe I am onto something. I made the decision to detox from my phone three months ago. I kicked it old school and lashed out and spent $15 on a clock radio from Kmart and wake up to the good old wireless at 6am every morning.

Phone zombies memeMy phone sleeps downstairs and more often than not, when I pick it up on the way out the door in the morning, it has gone flat. But what has happened over time is that I don’t care. I rarely wake during the night anymore, and if I do it’s a quick glance at the time and back to sleep. I’m not checking notifications or spending the first 20 minutes of my day before I get up catching up on my “newsfeeds”. I’m straight out of bed, in the shower and out the door, just like I was for years prior to a smart phone came into my life.

So what have we learnt here? I believe that the shift is just around the corner, the shift where people are going to start going back to basics. People are really getting back to what their values are, spending time with friends and family and much more time outdoors. I’m talking about less Snapchat moments and more real life moments.

Sure, there are still those who will be sitting around in pop up bars sipping on $25 state of the art beverages created by none other than your local mixoligist, snapping photos for Instagram left right and centre and updating their stories on Snapchat. But that’s ok; we need people at all levels to survive of the spectrum in order to survive as a species. Psychology will be a booming industry in years to come.

So with this said, if anyone needs me, I’ll be down at the beach watching the sunset, with my eyes, amongst people who are looking at their phones googling pictures of sunsets and nature whilst the beauty of the Earth is going on all around them long before it gets to the internet.

Feel free to put me in your story on Snapchat as that guy who’s not looking at his phone… a bizarre occurrence I know.


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