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I am a young guy from Australia who used to host a popular breakfast show on the radio which gave me the opportunity to talk and rant about everyday things in life. I had to quit the show for personal reasons so found myself without a place to vent hence why I started this site (click here to read more about the background of this site and why I write).

I guess you could call it observational humour if you really wanted to put a label on it. On the radio I got my point across by speaking. Turns out that this writing thing is a little bit more difficult!

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  • All content on this website is intended as light-hearted entertainment. Everything here is intended as satire, comedy and observational humour.
  • Authors may make a lot of sweeping statements and judgements, however none of these should be taken seriously or personally. If I offend you… It is a joke so don’t take it seriously. Sometimes an author will make wild accusations, comparisons or assumptions and when they do so, it is intended as humour to make a point. Because of this, if you are offended by anything you read. Nothing said on this blog is intended as serious, so go away and grow a sense of humour. You are welcome to come back after doing so.
  • The content on the website is the personal opinion of the writer. Some of it may be truthful and some of it may be made up for the sake of satire and entertainment. It’s not intended to malign or defame any person, religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.
  • The intention of this blog is to do no harm.
  • The advice written in posts is normally intended as a joke and is the opinion of the author, therefore nothing written here should be taken as fact or absolute. If you take the advice written in posts you are quite possibly an idiot. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. You are responsible for your own stupidity.
  • Things posted on the internet are permanent whereas my thoughts and opinions may change over time. This is a necessary consequence of having an open mind. Thereby, any thoughts and opinions expressed within past posts may not the same, nor even similar, to those I, or any other author on this site, may hold today.
  • Content from this website cannot be reproduced without permission. Where content is reproduced I hold no responsibility for changes or edits as it is likely that they were made without my authority.
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  • I am not responsible for anything said in the comments section because everybody is entitled to their own opinion. That said, if there is something in there that breaks the law or is extremely offensive it will be deleted when noticed. Since I have a life and do not spend 24 hours a day monitoring this site, moderation may not happen immediately.

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